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Welcome Winners!

Zulemaro Winn is a sports educator of swimming at a the local pool.

He teaches swimming for children and adults and specializes in aquagym, fitness and muscle strengthening. He is involved in various sports associations and his passion for sports is boundless!

His favorite sport is soccer, he has coached soccer players in specific areas.

He also coaches swimmers on swimming techniques.


Whenever he can, he also helps out sports associations that are often overwhelmed.


During these last years, he had to learn to take care of his body while practicing his passion despite the difficulties linked to chronic injuries that slowed down his progression in soccer.

He is now determined to continue in the sport while preserving the physical integrity of the body.

It is for this reason that BODYWINN was created and targets all people with various pathologies such as joint problems (back, knees, ankles, etc...), overweight, obesity, diabetics, hypertension, osteoarthritis, but also those who are looking for performance.

Adapted exercises will be proposed to you according to your objectives whether they are to alleviate physical pain, weight loss or to surpass yourself, Winn will accompany you throughout your journey.  


"Believe in yourself and become the best version of yourself" - Winn Zulemaro

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