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Schedule your workout

depending on your goals:

Yoga Studio

1 session / week:

No positive goals

2 sessions / week:

Get a feeling of well-being

Althetic Femme étirement sur un tapis de Gym
Un docteur ajuste l'équilibre sur balance

3 sessions / week:

Stabilize your weight

4 sessions / week with 1 rest day + weekend rest:

Weight variation + or -

Boire de l'eau après la musculation

5 sessions / week with 1 rest day during the week + 1 rest day at the weekend:

Dazzling reduction in weight until you reach your ideal weight

From 6 sessions / week + 1 day of rest (week or weekend):

Well-being but in the search for physical performance 

Homme musclé dans la salle de gym
Cuisson nutritionnelle

Attention ⚠ 
To achieve your goals, you have to adapt your diet to your training schedule. 
That is, you have to bring the right nutrients to the body at the right time to achieve its goals.

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